Monday, March 09, 2009

Show Time (IV)

Soïa & Kyo
The trendy outerwear collection was on-beat by opening and closing with Montreal model-turn-DJ Eve Salvail (a one-time JPG muse). The fanfare was nothing short of a girls-just-wanna-have-fun anthem. Vivid hues of electric blue, hot fuchsia and purple toned with muted grey, taupe and beige.
The audience ohh-ed and ahh-ed at the form-fitting coats in wool, down and supple leather aplenty sweetened by a plethora of ubiquitous bows accessorised by the season’s it-item: geek-chic glasses.

OMG Moments!
Drama was heightened with the halt of the heavy electro beats.
One of the models fiercely strutted (literally) down the runway.


Eve closing the show in a giant bow.

Short wool plaid jacket

I definitely do heart S&K!

Show Time (III)

Harricana & Ça Va de Soi
Mariouche Gagné exhibited her recycled fur collection Harricana in conjunction with knitwear line Ça Va de Soi. The union hinted to a marriage in laid-back 70’s rockstar heaven. A band of tuques, Russian trooper hats, leather and fur satchels, long bohemian vest (of course in fur), reversible caps and leggings appeared aplenty.

The jet-set notion was exemplified by the local celebs turned model-for-a-day by Mahée Paiement, Angelo Cadet and Sophie Durocher gloatingly strutting down the runway relishing in the lights.


Mammoth pompom tuque

White stole

Aviator cap

Front row spotted: Philippe Dubuc, Patricia Paquin and Louis-François Marcotte

Show Time (II)

Marie St-Pierre
Her artistic sensibility articulated a collection of models marching to an android beat enhanced by austere footwear (an occupational hazard for some of the rookies). Translated in stark black juxtapose by icy white with surprising splashes of a dusty pink sweater and teal wool bolero embellished pleated sleeves. A futuristic vision with latex leggings topped with asymmetrical jersey dresses and a copious of draping, pleats and ruffles. High drama was also achieved with Bride-of-Frankenstein nest updos and severe eye-liner and ash-white powder.

All-in-all, the bespoke allure didn’t inhibit the commercial viability of this modern-day collection.

Silk printed halter dress
Latex skirt

Front row spotted: Denis Gagnon, animatrices Isabelle Racicot and Chantal Lacroix

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Show Time

Bodybag/ J.U.DE.
Judith Desjardins’ BODYBAG line ceremoniously staged a crossing of the guards setting the tone for her Britannia infused line. The 50’s inspired collection sported models in naughty-meets-nice secretary plaid spectacled in geek-chic bifocals (is it just me or has the fashion world suddenly become myopically challenged?) along with sweaterdresses, taffeta tulip skirts, curve-hugging knit tops and pencil-thin skirts all evocative of a vamp-vixen Dita Von Teese wannabe. The palette was rendered in muted grey, camel and teal.

J.U.D.E her luxury line featured Viva Las Vegas fringe-galore detailing and belted blazing-hot dresses in purple and midnight-blue.


Egg-shaped jackets

Jolt of Grace Jones-esque hooded sweater

Front row spotted: Degrassi’s Next Generation (Liberty) Sarah Barrable-Tishauer

Saturday, March 07, 2009

FashionWatch (Style spotted @ MFW part trois)

optical illusion
smiling gents

hightop coming to a store near you!

pls omit the drunken leech!

tighty whity!

M.A.C. EtienneBreton & Bollywood dancer ShaleenRatansi

you betta work!


yours truly♥

Seen & Be Seen (Style spotted @ MFW part deux)

model/dj Evaliscious w/aficionado
photo op, photographers Gilgamesh & Vlad

stylist SophieLanza

photo op (II), photographers RichardBernardin & Gilgamesh

former LeMale Francisco (left)

dance-inducer dj PatBoogie

comeback kid Dubuc watchfully eyeing

NakedEyeMagazine fashion/beauty editor Lisa Jane Sim w/ her cutie patootie tot

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Behind the seams

Montreal Fashion Week 16th edition commenced yesterday with the return of designer comeback kid Philipe Dubuc. To celebrate his 2 year runway hiatus, Dress to KILL Magazine hosted a cocktail party in his honour.

Fashion people came strutting out to play in full style force.
The crowd definitely adhered to the publication’s slogan (Dress to) Kill. An 80’s/90’s glamour redux was channelled by skinny denim sported by waif-thin boys, plethora of liquid leggings, beatnik-inspired leather jackets, oversize bf blazers and finger-cut-off biker gloves. Simply fantabulous!

There was even a sighting of a Kanye West look-a-like all dressed-up in too-cool-for-school attire. Funny enough, celebrity makeup artist Paul Venoit famed by the makeover show “Look-A-Like” was also spotted. The latter didn’t seem to initially recognize my uncanny resemblance to Riri!
Others in attendance were stylist-darling Sophie Lanza, The Gazette’s fashion editor Eva Friede, Fashion File host Adrian Mainella and FT’s In Fashion frontman/reporter Glen Baxter.

All-in-all, the turnout was tremendous, the fashion fantabulous (did I already say that!) and the ambiance enticingly energetic!

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