Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reality Bites

So we all remember our first retail job. It was the job- you actually got paid to shop and socialise! Well, at least that was my experience! Hence the familiarity when I discovered an online animated series titled The Retail Show, a cartoon for consumers.

Very stylised in design, the show depicts the lives of four jaded retail clerks staring Otto, Penny, Mannan and Sonny. The humoristic tone illustrates our societal materialistic tendency, fascination with pop culture (even Snoop swaggers an appearance!) and parody of being a wannabe fashionable urbanite.
The show is created by Montreal-based animator Antoine Tavaglione of Motion Box Productions. His art can also be seen in Les Cours Mont-Royal- illustrations of his characters are featured throughout a men’s boutique remarkably resembling the posh animated counterpart.

Very witty- on the blog’s site, comments are posted from the actual characters!

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