Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Coolest Band Ever!!!

Fritz Helder and the Phantoms is the "coolest band ever"! This was my acclaim when I enthusiastically accosted the electro-dance group at the past Montreal Fashion and Design Festival. I didn't hide my delight as I’ve been in awe from since their In Fashion interview. Long time admirer, Nelly Furtado signed them to her brand new Nelstar record label.
The quartet comprises of the lead singer Fritz Helder that fiercely struts like nobody’s business; sexy leggy mamma Pastel Supernova; cool-cat keyboardist Diego Superstar (his teal eyeliner matched the color of my dress!) and Bowie look-alike guitarist Silk Helder.
Often compared to B.E.P.- fusion of nationalities and 3 boys to 1 girl ratio - this Toronto-based band is simply from another planet! Within minutes you get a sense of their cool inhibition- a combination of their audacious fashion, exuberant personalities and straight-up raw talent!
They are most famously known for their rhythmic “Lagerfeld Lady” single which denotes our societal zest for beauty. I especially heart the gusto of releasing a third album titled the “Greatest Hits”! I say - Keep 'em coming!

Fun fact:
They appeared in a cameo for Divine Brown's "Sunglasses" video.

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