Saturday, November 28, 2009

Accessorize This!

Accessories are your best bet to jazz-up your look this Holiday season. Montreal has a cropping of emerging jewellery designers marking their talent in their own right. Read on as I profile two rising gems.

Handmade Bling
Looking for some heavy metal?
Brazen Design has what you need!
The hand-made and MTL produced line is an eclectic vision inspired by nature and urban iconologies. A harmonious embodiment of form and style seen in the use of real pinecones and gun imagery.
The bling maker Rachel Rachna Dhawan, being a balance individual herself (we met at yoga class), designs for “women who want to make bold yet elegant statements through their jewellery”. And that you will! The line offers three collections: THE BLING, designed in sterling silver pieces; THE ONE OFF, designs made from vintage and antique trinkets; and THE CUSTOM, one-of-a-kind creations for individual clients.

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Available online at


Feathering Finds
Polish off your look this festive season with precious jewels signed by
The line is a statement of purity as at the heart of the collection is the use of fine feathers. When asked why, the young designer Noémie Vaillancourt, states that she loves the texture and organic sensuality that the plumage instantly provides to each piece “I love the movement that they create”. Furthermore, there is a unique quality to each of her creations as no one item resembles another.
The Holiday collection is a glamorous expression in its shimmery chains and delicate design letting you sparkle and shine under the mistletoe.


Available online at

Support them! Join their FB fan page at facebook/ and facebook/ respectively.

Smart Shopping!

Take advantage of a one-stop shopping destination at Smart Design Mart held this weekend.
Find brands from local talented designers such as Noemiah, Brazen Design and Josianne Perron to name a few.

Happy Shopping!

WHEN November 28 (11AM-9PM). November 29 (11AM-5PM)
WHERE 5333 Casgrain #602

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fashion Attack!

The November issue of Vogue Italia deems to be quite appropriate in light of being plagued for a whole week with a pesky flu (no need to be wary, not the swine). Being on mark with depicting fashion as a barometer of societal reality, the editorial depicts (or glamorizes???) the H1N1 epidemic. The brazen red-hair model shot by Steven Meisel, poses with an air of delirium on the brink of fashionable madness.

My only query is how to look so fashionable while feeling so miserable!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sale Sale Sale!

Mid-Season sales are a recessionsista’s dream!

Here are the sales for the week

Shop till you drop at the sample sale of Eve Gravel's and Station 8, the men’s collection signed by the Mtl designer. Held at her atelier this November 5-8 at 5455 Gaspé Avenue #1006.

Just in time to snag a little something special for the upcoming Holiday festivities!

The Montreal urban landmark boutique Off The Hook’s sale begins this Thursday November 5 invitation only (, November 6-7 days are open to all.

Shop lines like RVCA, 10DEEP and FRESHJIVE.

Off The Hook boutique
1021 A. Ste-Catherine W.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

In 14 days, Me and You can have Jimmy Choo

The count is on for the much anticipated Jimmy Choo for H&M collection to hit 200 worldwide stores this upcoming November 14.
A celebrated collection of vitality and sexy glamour items in stylish materials and young-and-cool embellishments which translates into show-stopper cobalt dress, studded accessories, must-have thigh-high leather boots, zebra prints and even a fake-fur jacket. Metro-sexuals can also rejoice as a men’s collection has also been created.
The first 160 lucky attendees will receive a special gift at the 1100 Ste-Catherine O. flagship location. The doors open at 8AM sharp. It’s a date!

J’ad♥reJ’ad♥reJ’ad♥reJ’ad♥reJ’ad♥reJ’ad♥reJ’ad♥reJ’ad♥re J’ad♥re


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