Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So what were you doing at twelve?

I was most likely playing elastic and in deep reverie of Donny from NKOTB! In this day-and-age of social media and readily-available information at a click of a mouse, Generation Z (the tweens of today) are wired to society’s need for instant gratification. Marketers carefully cater to this age group as they are a prominent driving force behind consumerism and now it seems promoters themselves of luxe and labels.


This past Montreal Fashion Week, I came across the youngest blogger to the roster. At the age of 12, Zola blogs on Smile Style her fancies and faves of the latest fashions.


Her American counterpart Tavi, besides having a four-letter surname, is a pint-size fashionista in her own right and covets on Style Rookie. She was appointed first row seating at the last NY Fashion Week (a growing trend as bloggers are taking on celebrity-like status). She even attended a conference on the future of blogging with the likes of Bryanboy and StyleBubble's Suzy Lau part of the discussion panel.

So... what were you doing at twelve?


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