Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do You Wanna Be On Top?!

Calling all young pretty little things!
To celebrate their 30th year anniversary, Clin d'Oeil magazine is hosting Become a professional model contest to be held at Rockland Centre Friday April 9 and Saturday April 10. Presented by Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle and in collaboration with Next Canada, BCBG, Rockland Centre and NRG Montreal 94.3, participants will audition at a live casting call in front of recruiters as well as the grand public.

The stakes are high as a $30 000 modeling contract with Next Canada, a trip to Toronto to assist Toronto Fashion Week and $1 500 Rockland Centre gift card are to be won.

Not one but two winners will be chosen, one from the jury panel and the other voted by the public which they will both be announced in the September 2010 Clin d’Oeil issue.

To register, you must be 16 to 21 years of age, measure at least 5’8” and not currently have any representation from another agency.

So think you have what it takes? Visit for complete rules and regs.

Audition Info
Rockland Centre (central court)
Friday April 9, 4-8PM
Saturday April 10, 10AM-5PM

Furthermore, pick-up your Fashion Passport at Rockland Centre were you can enjoy exclusive rebates on name brands such as BCBG, FCUK, H&M, Rudsak and Mango.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mad Maus: Mess with the Best

Last Saturday I attended the third Mad Maus event held at Club Velvet. The debauchery is the mastermind of Gibran Ramos and is presented in collaboration with Belvedere Pure. The intoxicating movement is inspired by pop culture in a métissage of fashion, art, design and electronika.
Posing and dancing up a storm where the stylish duo KYIBRAHAM the designers of the funky hats - those boyz are so pretty!

Held every third Saturday of the month, the subsequent event will be April 17. Mark the date!

Montreal's finest fashionistas were wickedly out to play!

Model/Actor Rodolphe Louis

Stylist Melanie Brisson & Photgrapher Sebastien Roy

Black Hipsters

yourKloset blogger Ken Ace

Dandy Ian

Angelot Cadet

MosaikMontreal Many & Marie-Eve

Barilà designer Sabrina & Moi

Fashion Forward or Passé?

I nearly got into a car accident! The cause? Buffalo David Bitton's Spring Summer 2010 billboard ad. In my humble opinion, their campaign strategy has blurred the line between tackiness and tastefulness. Quite frankly, isn't the fashion world over the fictional allure of pseudo lesbian lovers??? I am one for pushing the envelope when you have something new to bring to the table. This however is a poor redux of an 80's Calvin Klein ad featuring Brooke Shields. Nonetheless, they have accomplished their strategy to be provocative and have people talk about them be it good or bad.

Speaking of CK, I came across a viral video from their latest male underwear launch rightfully called X Marks Your Spot. The campaign speaks to both women and men as the four male models are mucho sexy in their skimpy undies and macho in their ubiquitous delivery of "I know you wanna see my sh*t"! Unlike the former, these ads are intelligent and intriguing!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shy guy up front

Denis Gagnon. The coy man behind the black rims is the subject of display in the documentary "Je m'appelle Denis Gagnon" Directed by Khoa Lê, the film portrays the ingenious and timidness of the man behind the persona.

Two showings are being held during the 28th edition of FIFA on March 21 and 27 which I'll be attending the latter and will provide my review in a future posting.

Check out the trailer!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So what were you doing at twelve?

I was most likely playing elastic and in deep reverie of Donny from NKOTB! In this day-and-age of social media and readily-available information at a click of a mouse, Generation Z (the tweens of today) are wired to society’s need for instant gratification. Marketers carefully cater to this age group as they are a prominent driving force behind consumerism and now it seems promoters themselves of luxe and labels.


This past Montreal Fashion Week, I came across the youngest blogger to the roster. At the age of 12, Zola blogs on Smile Style her fancies and faves of the latest fashions.


Her American counterpart Tavi, besides having a four-letter surname, is a pint-size fashionista in her own right and covets on Style Rookie. She was appointed first row seating at the last NY Fashion Week (a growing trend as bloggers are taking on celebrity-like status). She even attended a conference on the future of blogging with the likes of Bryanboy and StyleBubble's Suzy Lau part of the discussion panel.

So... what were you doing at twelve?


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Top 5 @ Montreal Fashion Week 18

Marie Saint Pierre never ceases to deliver a high-octave note of sculpted drama.
Her creations marched in strong silhouettes designed in jersey and rendered in a sea of stark black, white and nude.
As seen out of a sci-fi fantasy, the models whore embellishments that appeared like beautifully crafted intestines coiled at the shoulder and around the waist.
In true futuristic form the music was deafening, the lighting contrasting from blinding bright to bleak black and the fashion disturbingly wondrous.

In a too-cool-for-school anthem, grunge and glam were de rigueur at the Barilà show.
The collection highlights consistent of BF plaid shirts, oversize hoodies, sequin cobalt dresses, laced leather leggings and a jaw-dropping catsuit that electrified the crowd.
Definitely smelled like teen spirit!


In a great homage to Alexander McQueen, Judith Desjardins' collection featured plumes reminiscent of the late designer’s Fall ‘06 collection. Known for her love of Britannia, plaid prevailed in both lines. Strong sculptured shoulders, feminine lace and festival of fringe were key elements in the showing.


Dandyism lives here! The collection rightfully titled Master of the Foxhounds as it was a vision of bespoke tailoring through the art of hunting. Brit-inspired decadence transcended through fitted tweed suits, wool knits, equestrian trousers and a show-stopping waist cincher. Totally Wilde at heart!


Once again closing Montreal Fashion Week, Denis Gagnon’s F/W2010 show was breathtaking meriting two showings and a standing ovation. The collection was nothing short of a couture expression. Tribal in nature with brass chokers, swathes of fringe, crochet dresses, zip finishings and leather pieces prominent throughout. Bravo Denis Bravo!



MFW18 {04/04}


MFW18 {03/04}

Miss Sly you so fly in your Club Monaco brooch

Eve Gravel in her own design from SS10


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

MFW18 {01/04}

On a seasonally warm evening, the first day of MFW18 didn’t disappoint. The fashionable flocked to a night of vibing music, beautiful people and of course a parade of fall style.
My highlights of the evening were: meeting two of the actresses from webisode Comment survivre aux weekends?; discussing with Glen Baxter the late Alexander McQueen; and the grave and solemn Marie Saint Pierre show.

studd muffin

peep show

the shoe fits

leg work

androgynous allure

snood mood

lovelies from CSWE
(from left) Amelie B. Simard and Elizabeth Duperre

she loves fashion
Audree Archambeault from

mighty mouse
Gibran Ramos from Mad Maus

style report

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