Thursday, December 30, 2010


What a year it has been! As we say goodbye to 2010 , we enter a new decade promising to be even more fashionable and hopefully as well sustainable .
Here's a trip down memory lane as I countdown the top 10 fashion moments that marked 2010.



SO FRESH: Kanye West Monster

I got the hibijibis but I L U V it, especially Nicki Minaj playing her bipolar self.
Enjoy and remember, no models were actually harmed during shooting!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I-LIKE-ART-TYPE GIRL: Illustrator Jimmy Baptiste

{BAPTISTE  featured in his own drawing}

Last week I was out and about enjoying the great music from beatmaster Lexis at good ol' Blizzarts. It was one of those boom-clap nights, no pretension, no expectation just simple glee- I love those!
I ran into artist JIMMY BAPTISTE that evening. Which was wonderful because I've been meaning to feature him for the longest time. Ah Life how easily it could be intercepted!!

Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Painter and Art Instructor, BAPTISTE creates artwork of what reveries are made of. Stylized and sensual, his creations have a contemporary Art Nouveau organic feel as he depicts femme fatales with flowers, friendly feathered friends and bad-ass skulls thrown in for good measure. BAPTISTE's work has even been commissioned for tats and various projects.


 ALL HAIL THE QUEEN, watercolor

 KISS ME, color pencil


Suddenly, I have a strong urge to get inked!




Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An affair to remember: Bridal Boudoir event

In less than one month I'll be 32! Even though I don't look a day over 25 (I still get carded at the SAQ!), the persistent probing around the topics of marriage and kids have been brewing around lately. Pfff!
Besides not having a fiancĂ© in sight and being quite comfortable with the single status, I've never been one to fantasize about my wedding day. Call me crazy, but I have no clue what the cake, venue nor groom will look like let alone the dress- until now! Let's rephrase that shall we, I have been slightly bitten by the bridal bug as earlier this month I was invited to cover the BRIDAL BOUDOIR AFFAIR event organized by party planner MADDY K. Ah the choices the choices from concocting personalized cocktails, gourmet food galore and decor vendor for days, the possibilities were endless.
Inevitably it got me sparkling with ideas on what my special day could look like. 

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to an affair to remember...

 How eternal, engraved finger prints on matching bands! 

The only thing missing was the dress. I'm very finicky when it comes to overbearing tulle, lackluster lace and who really should be wearing white anyways?? However I did come across this Marchesa gown worn by Nicole Richie that is just a dream!

Getting married or throwing a bash? Visit MADDY K for more information.
514 973 6239

Holiday Hubbub- Bloggers do it Best!

I've gained 5 lbs. I kid you not! The culprit? Well Holiday parties of course!! And when one talks about X-Mas gatherings, one must expect allot of nice mixed in with spice.
Audree better know as ElleMlaMode blogger organised a lovely shindig where she invited 15 Montreal fashion bloggers to share the festive season.
We laughed, we ate and most importantly we had the opportunity to have an exciting exchange. Everything from this year's pick for top media event (#1 for me is Sweetspot QC's launch!), to fave past season's trends and, the most heated, a discussion on the lack of etiquette on behalf of certain PR companies. Julia from AlaModeMontreal did an interesting conclusion on the topic.

The hostess, with aid from Patrick L'Aristrocrate garnered a slew of sponsors to make the evening unforgettable. From earrings provided from Uranium, a myriad of Covergirl makeup and gift cards from design store Artemano, Reitmans and Bizou Bijoux, to name a few.
We all took to Tweeting as a hashtag #RBBMM (Regroupement des Blogueurs et Blogueuses Mode de Montréal) was created for the special evening. Taking on a life of its own, Josianne from Ton petit look had the brilliancy to carry forward the idea and create an FB Page!

Getting back to my weight gain, the food was incredible as I binged from arrival to departure. Each were asked to bring a dish. Mine- heavenly chocolate cupcakes with homemade frosting!

How cool are my Uranium earrings??

We also had a fun time exchanging gifts. Duc from Montreal State of Mind offered a leather whip which Josianne couldn't resist sinking her teeth in!!!

And here comes the spice... Robyn, Miss Fashionista514, also had a good ol' bash! The food was absolutely delicious with green tea chocolates, a shrimp cocktail and a divine cheese cake!! Yumm, I'm still dreaming about it! 
It was a kick-ass evening as we took to an impromptu photo shoot masquerading in amusing head gear and laughing till it hurt. Seriously the pictures are a must-see!

Ah yes... this is when the mercury went up!!!

This Holiday season, be safe and enjoy!


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