Friday, October 14, 2011

Beaming Smiles+Art at opening of New Pop Art Era Exhibition

Sometimes a smile holds many meanings. For instance, it can express complete bliss or a will to bend the mind over matter. In the picture above, taken at the opening of A New Pop Art Era Exhibition held at Phillips Lounge, my aim was to smile a pain away. During that evening I was secretly doubling over very painful lower abdominal aches that had me wanting to crawl under the covers. But I Stayed Calm and Carried On as I've been planning this exhibition for quite a while. 
So how did a Montreal gal have the opportunity to showcase the works of an Italian contemporary artist? It's very serendipitous really. About a year ago, I came across a post where blogger The Chicmuse featured pop art created in her homage. Quite artistic, but what I loved the most was discovering this character named Marco Santaniello. Always wanting to share my passions from fashion to the design world, I then featured Marco's work on my site. Marco discovered Montreal In Fashion and the rest is... Well, who says that online friendships are frivolous!

Prior to the launch, I met up with Marco and took him to a place that I thought he would love: Candy Bar on Mont-Royal.

Looking like a poster child for Jeremy Scott for Adidas, doesn't his JS Panda Bear sneakers and JS French Fries jacket blend right into the grown-ups funhouse!

Check out some of the pics of the evening!

[Visit the MiF Facebook Album for all the pictures of the evening.]

A New Pop Art Era Exhibition is held at Phillips Lounge and runs until November 4,2011.

Posters $80
Pop Portraits limited edition, canvas, $1000
The Astronaut, canvas, $1200
Two Vespas , canvas, $1300
Girl in Pink, $1500
Music Stand, $3500



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Zoe said...

Super event Candice! Bravo! 

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