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What's In Fashion Montreal: Restaurant Le Pois Penché

Among a swanky crowd, Montreal In Fashion was invited yesterday to the re-launch, re-opening, re-introduction of brassiere and wine bar Le Pois Penché. The fancy-schmancy shindig was to celebrate the new ownership by restaurateur Imad Nabwani (former La Queue de Cheval General Manager) operating under his company Golden Mile Hospitality Group.

I never had the pleasure of dining at Le Pois Penché, but I was most curious as the media invitation stated that the restaurant is now in partnership with chic and hip Hotel Chez Swann- recently voted by as one of the "World's best new affordable hotels"
As you know I adore Chez Swann, it was home to my shopping event Fab Femmes which I created with blogger Marjorie's Closet.

Whimsical Hotel Chez Swann. CREDIT Sebastien Roy

With BF's fedora hat, wedge platform booties, and camera in tow, I headed to the culinary event and met with the man of the hour, Imad, for a little Q&A!

Imad Nabwani, co-owner of Le Pois Penché.

1. What's the one thing everyone should know about Le Pois Penché? 
They should know that we serve brunch, lunch, dinner, and after-dinner meals. We recently began serving breakfast as we are servicing the Hotel Chez Swann. 
Also, we boast one of the largest wine selection by the glass in downtown Montreal. The wine by the glass program is one of the most sophisticated. We have equipment that keep the wine fresh for an extended period of time as it controls the temperature.

2. I'm a pescetarian, what vegetarian meals would you recommend? 
We have a delicious selection of fish and seafood. Le Pois Penché is acclaimed for their shellfish platter and oysters. We also cater to vegans with our spectacular rissoto and wild mushroom meal.

"The kitchen, putting a modern spin on the traditional brasserie fare, is working with Quebec farmers and using local, organic products; and the restaurant is now catering, fully putting the talent of its hot young chefs to use." 

3. I'm also a wine lover, what bottles would you recommend? 
If you are having a shrimp platter, a great match with that meal would be our 2010 Chardonnay, Latour, Bourgogne, from France. Our 2009 Rouge Garance, Côtes du Rhône , from France would be excellent with our salmon dishes, the cépage goes very well with that selection. These two wines are both offered by the glass. 

4. Tell me about Le Pois Penché's decor which appears to be rich in history. 
The direction of the decor is inspired by Paris from the Roaring Twenties era, all the while the food, the service, and the music remain very modern. The era of the decor doesn't reflect the ambiance of Le Pois Penché- we host a vibrant and trendy nightlife which caters to a diverse age group. 

I'm in love with their floral embossed wallpaper!

5. There are lots of stylish people here this evening. Tell me about Le Pois Penché's clientele. 
We want Le Pois Penché to be emotionally connected with Montrealers. We are hoping that our guests will be very happy and it becomes their place of choice to have a wonderful time. 

"Le Pois Penché exudes joie de vivre, and this attitude and energy is attracting professionals, creative minds and intellectuals of every age."

The event also included some beauty service from Studio Caroline Theoret
They did a great job touching up my cat-eye and nude colour pout!

I had a blast schmoozing and socializing with my gal Soudeh!
I wore boyfriend's Henri Henri fedora, Mexx mesh kitten bow blouse, H&M blouson, vintage belt, Audrey 3+1 shorts from Editorial Boutique, Secret jade tights, and Aldo wedge platform booties.

1230, boul. de Maisonneuve O, Montreal, H3G 1M2

[WANNA KNOW] I'll be going through redecorating shortly, what do you think of wallpaper and where are the best places to get floral wallpaper in Montreal?


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