Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's In Fashion Montreal: Watch The Throne

I fully understand the meaning behind Watch The Throne. While admiring JayZ and Kanye West kick it with lyric after lyric from their collaborative album and individual hits, I was moved with marvel by these two men that are truly living their dreams. Respectively overcoming destitution and internal demons, the rap giants showed why going H.A.M. always pays off.

The highlight of the night: the encore of all encores as they played N**** In Paris five times to a bewildering crowd- I keep singing "Rollies that don't tic toc!"

Shock and awe: illustrating the game of Life, at the end of Welcome to the Jungle, there was a projection of a cheetah preying and eventually capturing an impala.

My fave moment: Kanye's emotional rendition of Runaway. After the debacle of the last couple of years, he seems truly at peace with his stature. But still remaining true to his superstar merit, on two occasions he cut mid-way through a song  so that the Bell Centre could turn up All of The Lights, literally! 

Jay equally killed it with Big Pimpin and New York.

Fringing the limits of men fashions, Yzee was clad in Fall 2011 women's Givenchy Rottweiler tunic over leather leggings and skirt. Hova sported "all black everything" and iconic NY Yankees cap. 


I'm wearing Henri Henri fedora, Club Monoco wool jacket, !Nu.Fashion by Vickie dress and belt, and Aldo wedge booties.

[WANNA KNOW] What's your fave Kanye or Jay lyric?



Joshua Ryan said...

I love the belt, very pretty.  Those Kanye tee's are neat! I would have to go over the whole album and TRY to pick a fav lyric. So hard to do, because there is a few songs on the throne that I like a lot!

Joshua Ryan said...

I would say "Who Gon Stop Me" has my favorite lyrics. Amazing song, Its like 3 songs in one because the sounds change so much.

N**** In Paris is also pretty good.  The first thing I said when I heard Made in America was that they should have named it "Car Door Open". The whole album is fabulously wacky. Its the kind of music you wanna play loud while in the car.

saucyfbaby said...

I'm so jealous! I absolutely adore Kanye! I can only imagine how amazing the concert was. The stage production alone is incredible! Love your outfit.

One of my fave lines is from "Can't Tell Me Nothing" --------- "So if the Devil wear Prada, Adam Eve wear nada, I'm in between, but way more fresher; with way less effort, 'cause when you try hard, that's when you die hard."

--- Nicole

Montreal InFashion said...

That's one of my fave's as well- so clever, so Kanye!
Thanks for the compliment on the outfit. Though I must say it was awfully weird feeling overtly dressed- most were wearing extreme casual attire! Oh well, to each their own :)Candice xo

Montreal InFashion said...

I know what you mean about "Who Gon Stop Me", Swizz Beatz did an amazing job of creating an eclectic song!
Candice xo

saucyfbaby said...

Girl, you only live once. I overdress often. If I saved everything for "special" occasions, alot of the clothes I have would never get worn. Haha. Better to overdress than underdress, in my opinion.

--- Nicole

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