Monday, December 05, 2011

Style INFASHuation: Shala Monroque


I once received one of the most flattering compliments to which I'm still blushing as we speak (or more as you read!) Fellow fashion blogger Danishaz from L'essentiel e(s)t l'accessoire tweeted that I resembled Shala Monroque with the picture above in attachment. Say whaaaat now?! Meeeee??? I first shrieked with glee and then I had a wave of modesty and pondered if darling Danisha was yanking my style chain. 
Why you ask? Because in my books the Shala Monroque is the epitome of beauty and grace with an untouchable sense of effortless style. I've often gushed over Ms. Monroque's delightful demeanor and sophisticated colorful look. Don't believe me, read here and here
Groupie Guilt! I think I must have subconsciously channeled her look at Montreal Fashion Week last spring.

Ha! At MFW20 in a jewel-tone turban feeling like a gem!

Often photographed by Tommy Ton at all the right social events, the St-Lucian lovely is as much a fashion fan as she is an art connoisseur. Former Pop magazine editor-at-large, Shala is currently collaborating with fellow fashionista Dasha Zhukova as Creative Director on Garage Magazine- a publication dedicated to the world of fashion and the arts and is named after Moscow's art gallery The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture founded by Zhukova.
Besides being in awe with her latest looks , I've also fallen for her blog Shala's Rabbit Hole which is an amazing mashup on, you guessed it, her whimsies on fashion and the arts! 

Shala is close friends with Miuccia Prada. Lucky gal, she's rumored to be her muse!

While searching for style pics of Shala to feature for this blog entry, I came across a Huffington Post article titled The Styles of Black Folk: How Race, Memory, and Social Media Is Changing Fashion - which I encourage everyone under the sun to read. 
In the article, Shala poignantly expresses: "... I want to say to young people who are watching my style, that you should pay as much attention to clothing your mind as you are to clothing your body."  
Well look at that, we share ideologies in common too! I couldn't agree more with this quote: material goods will come-and-go, but the knowledge you possess is forever. 

INFASHuated with Shala's style, I created a Holiday style guide of 10 items inspired by her look. BLACK, RED, SHINE!
4. Noir's Scorpion Ring 
5. Helene Berman's black faux fur cropped jacket 
7. Michael Kors gold and tortoise watch

[WANNA KNOW] What do you think of Shala Monroque's colorful yet classic look? Are you as INFASHuated as I am?



Joshua Ryan said...

Love those yellow shoes, very cultural.  The look is very vintage glam yet the clutch and ring make it up to date. Love your taste.

Danisha said...

Thanks for the mention :D

Marjon said...

Cute piece and thank you for mentioning my HuffPo piece on Shala! Such a smart, necessary lady.

Shoppalu said...

Completely infatuated! You're a great writer!

Montreal InFashion said...

Thanks Joshua! I almost stopped dead in my tracks when I saw those Prada black-and-yellow heels!
Candice xo

Montreal InFashion said...

You are the cat calling the kettle black. Love your LadyPants blog!
Candice xo

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