Friday, April 29, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York @ Cinema du Parc

"Not what I think or feel, it's what I see." - BILL CUNNINGHAM

One of my fave quotes from Bill Cunningham New York documentary which releases today at Cinema du Parc. I attended the premiere this past Monday and was really moved by the New York Times style photographer. Bar none, this once milliner has a sharp eye for style, but what I appreciate the most is his approach to capturing life as he sees it. He's not reincarnating the perfect moment nor making his subjects "smile for the camera" poses. 

He is a man driven by passion and content with very little - his iconic blue jacket cost a mere $20. Pretty ironic since his features are mostly about well-heeled New York social butterflies. You would think he found the secret to happiness: he's enjoying life by doing what he loves and doesn't require the fancy nonsense of everyday. However it seems to come with a price of loneliness. A tear came to my eye as he struggled to share about his personal life. 
A must-see movie! Check out the trailer.


On a side note lovelies, I was selected as part of the TOP 5 looks that were captured by Montreal's very own street style photographer Sebastien Roy.
Vote for me if you like short skirts, leopard prints and vintage purses! 
Visit the Facebook page and click "LIKE". Cinema du Parc will draw four (4) Clin D'Oeil magazine subscription and eight (8) movie passes for two for all those that participate. 
The vote ends Monday May 9.

TOP vintage from grand-mothers closet
PURSE vintage from mom's closet

The competition is very stiff from fellow fashionistas :)

Bill Cunningham New York playing now at


Feel Good Friday: ADELE, Chasing pavements

"Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Green light on Earth Day!

Lately I've been very conscious of my actions and behavior. Meaning, reviewing the effects of my own carbon footprint, scrutinizing the source of my food and pondering deeply about becoming a vegan (luckily le boyfriend is a vegetarian!)
As I get older, I thrive daily for awareness - not an easy feat, but doable. Yes very ubiquitous and cliche but we can all do our part in making the Earth, our surroundings and foremost ourselves a healthy, durable, and vibrant organism.

Observed as a rising trend, many companies are committed to incorporate a green regime to their business ethics. The following are those that I deem as being as eco-conscious as they are chic.
{left to right: Top recycled polyester $35; blazer recycled polyester $45; shorts recycled polyester $20; dress recycled polyester $45; Top organic cotton $20; and shorts organic cotton blend $30.}

H&M's Conscious Collection is part of a sustainable effort by the Swedish retailer that offers women, men and children collection made of organic cotton, Tencel® and recycled polyester. I'm really fond of the light colors and feminine cuts. Very dainty for the warm summer months to come. 

{l to r: SIMPLE SHOES: Take on Hi offered in black, grey and white $110; Hola! Microperf offered in goat and elm green $70 // OLUKAI: Kukana offered in pewter/tan $110; Ohaha offered in cosmo/dark java, berry/dark java, and white/dark java $80}

I'm really not one to wear flats. But I can slip into SIMPLE SHOES any time to save my feet from grace. The eco-conscious line from California has a collection of footwear where the soles are made from recycled tires. Besides being great for the environment, the white Take on Hi white sneakers  are my new fave as they seem to go with everything. 

OLUKAI is a Hawaiian brand inspired by the island's surf lifestyle. Designed for comfort, they are fabricated to provide great support to the arches and heels. What's best, that metallic number will be great with this seasons' LWD!
{l to r: ENVIROSAX: Optimistic bag $8.95 // MATT&NAT: Hendrix $165; Santogold $195}

Stated as "the original designer reusable bag" ENVIROSAX is a chic take on the eco shopping bag. Ranging in a plethora of graphic prints, the line also offer water bottles and a kids series. With a self-package, it's great for storage.

MATT&NAT limited edition Ikat zipper collection will fit perfectly with this season's 70s trend. All of the bags lining are made from recycled bottles. When you purchase an Ikat bag, the good people over at M&N will donate $21 to CHARITY:WATER, a non-profit org. which brings clean clean and safe water to people in developing nations.

[WANNA KNOW] What do you find most challenging about being eco-conscious?


Feel Good Friday: WARPAINT, Undertow

"Your brown eyes are my blue skies.
They light up the river that the birds fly over"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In review La Braderie de mode québécoise

Holy smokes batman, that was a fashion frenzy! 

La Braderie de mode québécoise 33rd edition has come to an end and I'm filled with fond memories from living and breathing quebecer fashion for the past week. 
Being the official English blogger for the city's mecca shopping event was, to put it mildly, a bit daunting! Why you ask? Simply because my wish was to to be the best shopping guide, dear readers, that a friend could have. 

I wouldn't have changed my experience for anything as I take with me the one-on-ones I had with some of the newcomer talented designers, meeting many happy shoppers and working with La Braderie team that were so very encouraging.

As I go through the pics, I can't help but say: "Where do I sign up for next edition!" 
Here's a glimpse. To view all pics, check out the Montreal InFashion Facebook page.

Stay tuned as I'm currently editing the video chat I had with some of your fave designers!

[WANNA KNOW] Did you shop at La Braderie? If so, what was your biggest purchase?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

STYLE SPOTTED @La Braderie de mode québécoise

 {Ismérie Créa accessories}

FRÉDÉRIQUE, blogger Mademoiselle à Montréal 
ISMÉRIE, accessory designer Ismérie Créa
ÉLODIE, blogger Hello Elo

JEAN-CARLOpataphysicien sybarite (don't ask!)

JADE, law student

MARTINE, La Vie en Rose Visual Presentation Team Leader
GENEVIÈVE, La Senza Distribution Coordinator
AURÉLIE, blogger Lili Brunette


Friday, April 15, 2011

InFashion Must-Haves at La Braderie: Accessorize This

The easiest way to update your look for the new season is by pilling on the accessories. 
Be it a boho belt, some heavy metal gems or even a classic charm bracelet, there's something for just about everyone to be found at La Braderie de mode québécoise.

Friday, April 15: 10am - 9pm
Saturday, April 16 + Sunday, April 17: 10am - 5pm


Feel Good Friday: SAM ROBERTS BAND Bridge to nowhere

"She wants to know can I replace
This tired wool with satin lace"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

STYLE SPOTTED: La Braderie {VIP Sale}

The rain didn't detour die-hard La Braderie de mode québécoise shoppers which kicked off yesterday evening. I spotted galoshes galore and this season's trend, pops of citrus colors!

For the next couple of days, I'll be snapping shoppers that cap my cam eye and asking: 
"If you were to post a Facebook/Twitter status, what would it be?"

ELISABETH, Editor at
ASHLEY, Physiotherapist
SYLVIAHR Specialist


PAOLA, KARV Marketing Director 
+ blogger Paola's Closet

VICKIE, !Nu.I Fashion owner+designer
ELIANA!Nu.I Fashion marketing+sales

LIDIA, Criminology student
ANNECriminology student

CAROLINEProjet Montreal Communications Manager

Thursday, April 14 + Friday, April 15: 10am - 9pm
Saturday, April 16 + Sunday, April 17: 10am - 5pm


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