Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's In Fashion Montreal: Dr.Martens @ Bottes & Baskets

Recently I was at footwear boutique Bottes & Baskets located in the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie district (there's a specific reason why I was there which you'll soon know about!)
I came across these uber-cool Dr.Martens 10-hole boots which are at once tough and chic. The satin laces and floral lining are so prim and they nicely juxtapose the rugged exterior that we've come to love from Dr Martens.
They retail for $174.99 and are available from size 6-10.

426 Beaubien Est, Montreal, H2S 1S3

Mon - Wed:10:30 am-7:00 pm
Thurs - Fri:10:30 am-9:00 pm
Sat:10:30 am-5:00 pm
Sun:11:00 am-5:00 pm

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[WANNA KNOW] What would you wear these boots with?


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Things About Candice

Summer is on its last leg. I'm glad I was able to bask in the sun this past weekend- before despondent Miss Irene! 
The beautiful BF and I spent some quality couple time and took a stroll on Lakeshore Boulevard in Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue. Much needed as I've been really busy with upcoming projects like the Nu.I Fashion SS12 presentation.
What a charming city with a picturesque campus. It brought back an amalgam of emotions as I had attended John Abbott College. What a funny time that was- searching to come into my own while following an educational path that, at the moment, seemed the right thing to do. Let's just say, I could have been an Actuary. Pretty far from fashion!
Just like everyone, life experiences have taught me more and more about myself. 

So here are 10 things you should know about Candice:

01 I'm rarely sensitive but extremely expressive. I might seem always composed but looks can be deceiving :)
02 Everything is transient. I try to enjoy the good moments and when Life is throwing lemons, I remind myself that at least I can make sweet lemonade.  
03 I'm slightly obsessed with Kanye West! I once used to post "K.West lyrics of the day"
04 Don't let my 32 years detour you, I love to laugh and I'm a closet goofball.
05 Since we're talking about age, I'm petrified of ageing! It seems each year I notice how much younger I looked the one previous! 
06 I love having short hair. It's been two+ years and I feel more femme with my short crop than with a longer mane.
07 One of my fondest childhood memories was spending shopping time with my mom. I've inherited her sense for style and flare. Most of my wardrobe consists of vintage finds from my mom's closet.
08 My fave moments with friends were spent talking to the wee hours of the night over a bottle of full-body red Shiraz. 

09 I love to read. My favourite book is "A New Earth" by spiritual leader Echkart Tolle.  
10 I'm in love with the most amazing man. He is kind, smart, charming, cute, and funny. He's simply one of the best human beings I've ever met.

For my Saturday stroll, I wore vintage earings, H&M sunglasses, Walmart chemise, Audrey 3+1 shorts from Editorial Boutique, Ipanema flip flops, and vintage purse.


Monday, August 29, 2011

From Blogger to Art Director at Montreal Fashion Week 21

Snap shot of Nu.I Fashion's Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

I've just gone on a magazine binge where I've consumed tons of September issues. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to strutting in my fall fashion. But as soon as we start shopping for our oversize graphic knitslace-up boots, retro romance tops, fetish-inspired LBDs, and 70's glam wide-brim hat, we're thrust into spring 2012 style. Kicking off the SS12 fashion week calendar, Montreal Fashion Week 21st edition starts in little over a week, September 6-9 at the Bonsecours Market. Like always, Montreal In Fashion will be there to review the beloved collections along with spotting stylish stylistas. Want a closer look? I'll also be covering the beauty beat for several of the shows as a P&G Beauty blogger

But this MFW holds a special place in my heart as I'll be extending my creative chops beyond blogging- I'm also an  Art Director for the Nu.I Fashion SS2012 presentation which takes place Friday, September 9 at 4:30pm. I'm so stoked!!! My emotional spectrum ranges from excitement - this is an amazing opportunity; to flabbergasted - how did I meet such creative individuals; to utter anxiety- what if the whole thing is a flop! In times as such, I'll remember Jeanne Beker's mantra of “Don’t be afraid, and never give up!” 

I've known Nu.I Fashion's designer Vickie Joseph since high school. She was a delight then and is even lovelier now. I'm glad to not only be working with a friend, but also a business woman that is smart, strong, and stylish (the girl dresses like no other!)
With Vickie at the last edition of MFW. 
The flirtly metallic Nu.I Fashion dress that I'm wearing can also be seen in this month's issue of Flare magazine.


I feel like a judge on ANTM as Vickie and I scrutinize and analyze the women that could be the perfect picks for the Nu.I Fashion muses.

Yes, it's a lot of work which I'm gladly embracing and as one of the perks as Art Director, is working with great talents to create the dream show. We met with Montreal Fashion Week's Music Director Christian Pronovost. Already a huge fan of Pronovost's musical vision, our RV was filled with great ideas and I can't wait to hear the soundtrack.
Christian's Lost Heroes studio houses thousands of vinyl records.

Christian and Vickie seeing eye-to-eye on the music direction.

There's still plenty to finalize and I'm looking forward to seeing it come to life.
I hope you'll attend and enjoy :)

For full listing of the Montreal Fashion Week 21 shows, click here.



Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's In Fashion Montreal: Rihanna hanging with Lady Gaga @ Mercedes-Benz Startup fashion show

Yes you heard right folks, in the past couple of weeks, there has been a Rihanna X Lady Gaga spotting at the latest Montreal fashion events! Or so one will think. Okay, I'm stretching it, ever since Riri started wearing her hair flaming red, thank goodness the name calling has ceased!
Gaga's look alike is my new addition to the Montreal In Fashion team and she is doll-face Dawson-graduate photographer Amy Lee Corkum - yes Amy Lee is her first name!

She's been accompanying me to events like the Fashion & Design Festival and lateley to the Mercedes-Benz Startup fashion show held at Usine C last week. The latter is an initiative by IMG to mentor up-and-coming Canadian designers. The fashion show presented the five Montreal finalist:  Martin Lim by Danielle Martin and Pao Lim, Faren by Faren Tami, Travis Taddeo by Travis Taddeo, Anastasia Lomonova by Anastasia Lomonova and UNTTLD by Simon Belanger and Jose-Manuel St.Jacques (winner of last season's La Collection). 

(left to right) Jarrad Clark of IMG Fashion + judge of Project Runway Australia and JoAnne Caza of Mercedes-Benz Canada, and Carolyn Quinn from LG Fashion Week.

Martin Lim and UNTTLD were the two winning semi-finalist that will join two other semi-finalist from Vancouver which are all heading to Toronto's Fall/Winter LG Fashion Week to present each of their labels. The competition was stiff, I was really rooting for Travis Taddeo to be part of the top two! But nonetheless, Martin Lim and UNLTTLD well deserve their winning spot. Congrats!

(left to right) UNTTLD's Simon Belanger and Jose-Manuel St.Jacques, with Martin Lim's Pao Lim and Danielle Martin.


Martin Lim

My fave looks from Travis Taddeo.

With Shawn Hewson of Bustle Clothing and judge to Project Runway Canada.

Blogger Zola, daughter of Pao Lim and Danielle Martin seen above.

Akin to myself, Amy Lee is bubbly and beams a smile ear-to-ear. Funny enough, I was playfully told that evening by a fellow fashion insider that my sunny disposition was very un-fashion! How could that be? My blog is called Montreal IN Fashion :)
I'm really excited about this new collaboration as the creative juices are flowing into exciting upcoming projects. Stay tuned!

My midi skirt is something I've been wanting to wear for the longest time. I saw it in my mom's closet and it had my name written all over it!

Check out my Facebook album to view all the runway looks.



Monday, August 15, 2011

Chic, Classic, Cocktails at Montreal's Phillips Lounge

All good things must come to an end! So what better way to rejoice in the last lazy days of summer by enjoying chic cocktails at your fave resto-bar! As did I last week along with blogger Marjorie's Closet where we had the pleasure to taste-test PHILLIPS LOUNGE's classic cocktails made to delight. With our very own cocktologists, we sipped and savored their fruity Frambotonic, fresh Mojito Phillips, sweet Nuit de Folie, and thirst-quencher BorĂ©ale Blanche- delicious!
With a charming atmosphere, ladies you are going to love their Mojitos and Cosmopolitain specials every Tuesdays and Thursdays at $6.

Haven't visited the resto-bar yet? Well here's a visual incentive to illustrate why  PHILLIPS LOUNGE is Montreal's best kept secret!

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My cocktail of choice is the Cosmo, but the warm and sunny afternoon beckoned for a cool beer to go with my laid-back mood. Ever since I received this Lucky 7 Tee, I've been feeling like a jeans-&-t-shirt kind of gal!

Montreal In Fashion thanks Phillips Lounge for the visit 

514. 871.1184

Open from Monday to Friday, lunch is served from 11:30am to 2:30pm. 

For cocktails, the lounge opens at 4pm. 

For their latest news, follow Phillips Lounge on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

[WANNA KNOW] What do you have planned for the rest of the summer?


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