Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Looking stylishly ahead in Ray Bans 4141

Bleached brows and Ray Bans.

These past couple of months, my emotions I've ran the gamut from excitement to anguish. I'll start with the positive. I've been fortunate enough to be part of some really cool creative projects which I'm eager to share in due time. When I first decided to commit to leaving the "corporate world" and go forth on the journey to creating content via Montreal In Fashion, I was unsure were the road would lead. But what I knew for sure was that I wanted to partake in endeavours that will stimulate my creative juices and attract the right passionate people in my Life. I'm happy, it did, and then some. There's still alot I want to see, do, create, and curate all in the name of illustrating and sharing the beautiful side of Life.

I recently went through a break-up which, for variant reasons, must have come to a shock to both my ex and I as if you've seen us together, we must have had we're-so-into-each-other look. Sometimes you oversee things and keep trucking forward all for the sake of that fun fuzzy feeling called Love. You can loose sight of what makes you truly happy in a relationship and what you really require from your significant other. But when it stared me in the face, there was no other way for me to look but straight ahead and move forward with me, myself, and I. Don't get me wrong, he was a beautiful being but in the end I think we both saw that it wasn't meant to be...

Even though I haven't met the One, I'm focus and directly eyeing my career which makes me really happy. When Life deems that it's the right time, I will make room  for that special someone to stand still side by side.
Back to the reason for this post. I'm fortunate enough to receive pretty neat things and I was blessed to get spanking new Ray Bans to match my new outlook. They were sent to me by the good folks at 
Do you know them? The site offers a plethora of stylish shades and prescription frames that will match everyone's fashion fancy and wallet as their items are at an affordable discounted price. You can choose from a listing of designer brands (such as Gucci, Carrera, and Prada), different frames, and colours. They also have contact lenses.

My choice, the iconic unisex Wayfarer Ray Bans 4141 in black with grey tint lens. Fantastic! It's my first pair of RBs and I can see why the cool crowd swear by them. They go with everything from when I'm dressed for fancy-schmancy fashion shows or just kicking it in skinny jeans.

Another fab finding is when you purchase from the specs are also shipped with the original case, lens cloth, and warranty certificate!

If you've spotted me lately, you might have noticed I was sporting them. 
I've been wearing my Ray Bans everywhere from the 212 for New York Fashion Week...
... to chilling in the 514 Plateau area.

Fashion Focus: forget the past, look stylishly ahead!
[WANNA KNOW] Do you like these Ray Bans, a treat might come your way!
Stay tuned...

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Candice Pantin said...

Helloooooo chérie !!! Non mais ton look avec le pantalon et la longue veste est juste complètement dingue !! J'A-DORE ! Et d'aileurs est-ce que ça ne serait pas un mini-bustier Globlove que tu aurais (je reconnais c'est le même haut que ma nuisette préférée) ?

Candice Pantin said...

Aurelie lie lie!!!
The suit outfit is a custom design by Mosaik Montreal that I help create. Check it out>>
And yes the mini-bustier is GlobLove, I love it. Honestly would want to wear it with everything!
Candice xo

Candice Pantin said...

What ?! You broke up? Can't believe it. But if you need anything feel free to ask, call, text. Xx

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