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What's In Fashion Montreal: Tiffany & Co. Boutique

"Diamond" ice sculptures reflect the pristine Tiffany & Co. setting.
"Welcome to Tiffany." A short-and-sweet sentence that fancied my inner girly-girl as I stepped into the jewel of gems. My magic moment in question took place last Friday at the media event celebrating Montreal's very own (the first for La belle province) Tiffany & Co. boutique located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 
Channeling cafe-society cool, I donned an LBD, cat-eye shades and rouge pout clad to ooh-and-aah at all the brilliance in a blue box. 

Besides being renowned for their iconic Tiffany 6-crown Setting, the mother of all engagement rings, I discovered a bracelet that enchanted by love for big and bold baubles. The Jean Schlumberger enamel bracelets sparkle and shine thanks to the paillonage technique, a process of layering enamel over 18 karat gold leaf. Fit for royalty, the late Jackie O. reportedly owned several. And yes it might cost a pretty penny, the bracelets seen below begin at $33 000 CDN, but beauty is priceless!

The Jean Schlumberger Dot (blue) and Croisillon (black) bracelets. In 1995, Schlumberger was subject to a retrospective hosted by The Louvre Museum titled "A diamond in the City"

After noshing on my first breakfast at Tiffany whilst admiring every inch of the opulent setting, I chatted with the boutique's Montreal Director Jean-Christophe Requero for more insight on the divine decor, what makes a Tiffany diamond, and an interesting trend purchase noticed for women's engagement ring.

Posing with Andrea Hopson, Vice-President, Tiffany & Co Canada,
and Jean-Christophe Requero, Director, Tiffany & Co. Montreal.

A lot of design enthusiast get inspired by the Tiffany Art-Deco decor. The Montreal location occupies 2,000 square feet at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, tell us about the boutique's immaculate interior.
As seen at the famous Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, the entrance of the store is designed with the wheat leaf pattern which highlight the door and the vitrines. Inside, the fine jewelry location features a Tiffany blue palette rendered on a beautiful magnolia motif reflected on the carpet and on the walls artwork . The sculptured silver leaf chandelier also reflects the light appeal.
The fashion department is designed in a two colourway space of oak wood paneling and light Tiffany blue finishing. The carpet in this room features a dragonfly pattern inspired by the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of the brand's founder. 
The look and design of the store is welcoming and accommodates everyone's liking in terms of color, lighting, and display.

What Tiffany treasure should every woman have in their jewelry collection?
From since 1886, we are known for the magnificent Tiffany 6-point Setting engagement ring. It has set the standard for jewelers worldwide and this piece is what makes Tiffany so legendary. All ladies should have a beautiful Tiffany engagement ring!

World famous, this Tiffany Setting ring is designed with 1.81 karat and retails for $39,400 CDN.

What makes the Tiffany diamond so unique?
The founder Charles Lewis Tiffany was named the "King of Diamonds". Being legendary for high quality, only two per cent of the gemstones can reach and meet the Tiffany standard! The more rare the stone is the more expensive it will be priced. There are four components that grade the value: the cut, the colour, the clarity, and the karat weight. 
We have an offering of exquisite Tiffany diamonds that can cater to a vast price range. There are diamonds that can begin from $1,000. With a mosaic of styles, customers can shop rings from our Novo, Legacy and designer collections to name a few.
More and more we are receiving request for yellow diamonds which we are renowned for featuring in our New York flagship- an unprecedented 128 karat yellow diamond which was discovered in the 1870s at the Kimberley mine in South Africa.

A Tiffany yellow diamond.
Tiffany cocktail rings. 

Does Tiffany have an accessible collection?
Beyond our special occasion jewelry for anniversaries, engagements, and weddings, Tiffany also caters to the delights of everyday and for everybody. We offer pieces starting at $50 which could be a chaine or a pendant. We have a vast array of beautiful selection from the Tiffany Keys, Lockets, Hearts and designer collection from Paloma Picassa, Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti, and Frank Gehry.
To celebrate our 175th anniversary, Tiffany has recently launched the RUBEDOTM
collection which unique design is made of a fine blance of copper, silver and gold. 

Tiffany's plethora of pretty pendants and chains.

The newly launched Tiffany  RUBEDOTM looks like rose gold.

Elsa Peretti Bean collection.
How dramatic! Accessories from the Elsa Peretti collection.

A Paloma Picasso design inspired by her Marrakesh travels.

From the Paloma Picasso Venetian collection.

I recently read in Flare magazine, that more women are taking the plunge and proposing to their boyfriends. Have you noticed this trend?
We haven't had an increase of women purchasing men engagement rings. However we have noticed that around 40 per cent of women are taking the initiative to visit and choose a selection of engagement rings that they fancy. They will then come back with their fiance who will shop from their pre-selection!

That day, I received my very first Tiffany blue box which I'm hoping will not be my last!

Tiffany & Co. Montreal
1290 Sherbrooke Street West


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Montreal Fashion Week Day 3: Crafty Creations

Samuel Dong's muses beautified with Etta James liner.

A demonstration of excellence, the third installment of Montreal Fashion Week 22 revealed masters at their finest work. Newcomer CIN Tailleurs' Cinthya Chalifoux and seasoned designer Samuel Dongmight be at variant career stages but their ingenuity for craftsmanship and attention to design detail qualifies them as true créateurs.

Named by Clin D'oeil magazine as one of Quebec designers to watch, CIN TAILLEURS Fall/Winter 2012 collection was an eyeful expression of old-world tailoring meets concise contemporary cuts. The proverbial quality over quantity tallied as truth with the dozen unisex looks woven in rich wool, pure cashmere, chic cotton serge, and lush lambskin detailing. The dandy darlings were clad in cinched blazer-cut dresses, Mao chemises, chic cropped jackets, wide-leg trousers, and prim A-line skirt suits. Her gentleman sported riding coats and structured suits. 
Cut from a different cloth, Cinthya Chalifoux also provides a made-to-measure service where her executive-class clients can visit her retail location that she shares with furrier Dominique Ouzilleau on posh Laurier Street.
Congrats Cinthya for a successful runway debut!


While watching the show, I tweeted "Is Samuel Dong and Helmer drinking from the same creative cooler!" Though the latter will be presenting his latest collection at Ottawa Fashion Week, Montreal was treated to a sublime Samuel Dong selection fit for the upper echelon businesswomen's wardrobe.
Greeting the audience with optimism, the show debuted with a peppy look behind-the-scenes video. The actual runway's soundtrack was set to a Sixties beat with the late Etta James signature hit At Last. Dong stated that the collection was an homage to the aforementioned decade however one could perceive it to be from an another circa with the detail of defined 80's shoulders and Dynasty-esque dresses. Regardless of which era it reflected, the confection was brilliant, luxurious, and elegant. 
Art directed by Yso stylist extraordinaire, the showcased ranged from opulent feathers to exquisite jackard, romantic organza and rich knits. 
Come autumn, women will fall for Samuel Dong's all-new RED Label collection characterized by "redefined luxury with a contemporary twist." So I wasn't off with the Helmer comparison! This new label is stated to be designed from French and Italian fabrics fit for a couture collection. 


View all runway images here.

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